Accept credit cards
anywhere you are

Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) is a service allows you connect a compatible card reader to your computer, log in, and start accepting payments anywhere you need to.

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credit cards
wherever you are

Our merchants can use this service. All you need is to install VPOS onto your PC, connect a supported card reader with downloaded software to process credit card payments.

How it works

Connect a card reader to your computer, start your browser, connect. Use your existing desktop printer or a retail receipt printer to accept payments.

Make a virtual POS of your computer

Authorize a credit card transaction in less than 3 seconds, use a fully encrypted card reader and your computer.

Connect a compatible card reader

Connect your Windows device with VPOS application to card reader and turn it into a fast and secure virtual point of sale.

Streamline the full process

Choose one of pre-integrated solutions (a retail payment terminal or kiosk) from our partners and start using Universal Georgian Pay for payments.